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Assessment of IQAA Experts

IQAA ensures that all members of its expert groups are competent individuals and do not have any conflicts of interest. In order to continuously ensure the quality of IQAA activities, the Agency systematically conducts a cross-sectional survey of coordinators, representatives of educational organizations, national and international experts and experts involved in preparation of the expert conclusion on self-assessment reports of educational organizations, which undergo accreditation.

The opinions provided by participants who took part in external reviews (head of the expert group, experts, coordinator and representatives of the educational organization) are added as a note to the electronic database of experts. Experts, who receive a "vote of non-confidence", get the status of "non-recommended experts." IQAA takes into account the feedback from all participants in the process of forming the compositions of future external review groups.

In addition to receiving feedback on activities executed by experts from all members of expert groups after each review, it is also important for our Agency to take into account opinions of all stakeholders (students, teachers, representatives of accredited organizations) who were directly or indirectly involved in procedures of IQAA external reviews. Our Agency welcomes both positive and negative feedback on the work done by our experts.

If you wish to leave your comments regarding one or more IQAA experts, please, describe the specific situation and facts related to your application.

We guarantee that your personal information will be used only to inform you about the results of your application and will not be passed on to any third parties.

Thank you for cooperation!

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