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04. 02. 20

Media about the IQAA forum



On September 16, 2019, the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) held the II annual Eurasian Forum for Quality Assurance in Education "Transformation through Digitalization: Universities and Quality Assurance" at the AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development (BCPD). Guests and speakers visited the forum from foreign countries, as well as representatives of Kazakhstani universities and the labor market. Also, the annual Eurasian forum has become a center of interest from the media, which widely covered the issues and topics of the forum. Among the media that attended the event and shared news about the annual Eurasian forum were the newspapers Egemen Kazakhstan, Zan gazeti, KazInform, the Khabar 24 television channel, Eurasia, and others. In addition to covering the topic of the forum in newspaper media and news channels, the second annual Eurasian forum “Transformation through Digitalization: Universities and Quality Assurance” has become the main topic of the “Urban Environment” program on the “Khabar 24” channel. The television program discussed the topics of digitalization and quality assurance in education. The issue focused on relevant topics in the field of education, in particular - innovations aimed at automating educational services, recent trends and future plans for their development. The issue includes interviews of several key speakers of the second annual Eurasian forum. Zhaksybek Kulekeyev, chair of the IQAA Supervisory Board, shares his opinion that, due to digitalization, Kazakhstanis will have the opportunity to get an education in any world university without leaving their homes. Mr. Kulekeyev emphasized that Kazakhstani universities need to be prepared for any innovations in the field of digitalization. The annual format of the Eurasian Forum will help Kazakhstani universities to keep abreast of the latest news and trends in higher education and learn about the experience of European colleagues and partners. Sayasat Nurbek, another key forum speaker, director of BTS Education, assured that digitalization could not completely replace the traditional method, but will facilitate the work of the teacher and help diversify teaching methods. Sholpan Kalanova, president of the IQAA, emphasized that despite the fact that Kazakhstan and Kazakhstani educational institutions are actively striving to introduce and develop digitalization, the quality of digital education is still the main topic of discussion and search for solutions. You can watch this issue of the program on the official website of Khabar 24 by the following link:


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