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21. 05. 18

On April 29th 2018 there was a meeting of the IQAA Accreditation Council.

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During the meeting of the IQAA Accreditation Council:

- the Deputy Chairman of the Accreditation Council was elected;

- the results of the Appeals Committee in regard to specialized accreditation of the study programme 1517000 "Protection in emergency situations" (by profile), qualification 1517033 "Technician" of Shakhty Technological College (Karaganda region) were announced;

- the decision adopting regulation on the accreditation of adult and continuing education organizations was approved.

Besides the agenda of the meeting included the consideration and discussion of the materials for institutional and specialized (programme) accreditation of the following educational organizations:

1. E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University (specialized accreditation);

2. Regional Social-Innovational University (specialized accreditation);

3. Kazakhstan Innovative University (institutional accreditation);

4. Bolashak University (institutional accreditation);

5. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University (institutional accreditation);

6. Innovative University of Eurasia (specialized accreditation);

7. Ekibastuz engineering and technical institute named after the academician K.Satpayev (specialized accreditation);

8. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University (specialized accreditation);

9. BI University (institutional accreditation);

10. Abdukarimov Kyzylorda Agrarian and Technical Higher College (institutional and specialized accreditation);

11. DIMED Medical College (institutional and specialized accreditation);

12. Burabay College (institutional and specialized accreditation);

13. Pavlodar College of Service and Nutrition (institutional and specialized accreditation).

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The results of the decision-making process are presented on the following resources:

List of accredited HEIs;

List of accredited study programmes of HEIs;

List of accredited TVET organizations;

List of accredited study programmes (TVET).

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