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29. 05. 19

On May 25, 2019, the meeting of the IQAA Accreditation Council was held.

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During the meeting, the members of the Accreditation Council considered and discussed materials on institutional and specialized (program) accreditation of the following education institutions:

1. "Innovative University of Eurasia" LLP (institutional and specialized accreditation);

2. "Almaty Technological University" JSC (specialized and initial specialized accreditation);

3. "Kazakh University of Technology and Business" JSC (institutional accreditation);

4. "East Kazakhstan State University named after S.Amanzholov" RSE on RE (institutional accreditation);

5. "Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after M. Tynyshpayev" JSC (institutional accreditation);

6. Organization of additional medical education "West Kazakhstan Center "Samruk" LLP (institutional accreditation);

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7. Organization of additional medical education "Center for Continuing Professional Development" LLP (Shymkent) (institutional accreditation);

8. "Karaganda State University named after academician E. Buketov" RSE on RE (specialized accreditation);

9. "Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Yesenov" RSE on RE (specialized and initial specialized accreditation);

10. "Syrdariya University" LLP (institutional accreditation);

11. "Ekibastuz Engineering and Technical Institute named after K. Satpayev" PI (specialized accreditation));

12. "West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University named after Zhangir Khan" NJSC (institutional and specialized accreditation);

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13. College of Law "Themis" LLP of Karaganda  (institutional and specialized accreditation);

14. "College №6" SPUC of the Education Department of Shymkent (institutional and specialized accreditation);

15. "College" Maksat " Institution of Stepnogorsk (institutional accreditation);

16. "Almaty College of Passenger Transport and Technology" MSOE (institutional and specialized accreditation);

17. "Kazaly Agrarian Technical College" MSOE (institutional and specialized accreditation).

List of accredited HEIs;

List of accredited study programmes of HEIs;

List of accredited TVET organizations;

List of accredited study programmes (TVET).

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