The standards of the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) were developed specifically for the accreditation of preschool organizations, taking into account current international trends and the national Kazakhstani context. These standards of institutional accreditation cover all aspects of the activities of preschool organizations and include the following areas:

  • Mission, leadership, and management;
  • Relationships;
  • Curriculum, training, and progress assessment;
  • Children's health and safety;
  • Competence of teaching staff and staff;
  • Physical environment.

The standards contain regulatory requirements, criteria for evaluating the activities of preschool organizations and are the main document for the organization of education when preparing a self-assessment report, for experts - when examining these reports and conducting an external audit.

1. Providing a mechanism for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the educational process in preschool institutions;

2. Stimulating the activities of the organization in the direction of improving the quality of preschool education and upbringing;

3. Providing a real opportunity for parents of preschool children to choose an individual educational route for their child from a wide range of high-quality educational services.

  • Procedure for accreditation of preschool organizations and education is carried out voluntarily;
  • Focus on improving the quality of preschool education and upbringing;
  • Integrity and transparency: internal and external evaluations are conducted fairly and transparently, and information is made available to all participants in the ongoing accreditation process;
  • Objectivity and independence: internal and external evaluation is conducted objectively, independently of third parties;
  • Responsibility of educational organizations: the primary responsibility for the quality of education and upbringing is assigned to the preschool organization;
  • Quality assurance takes into account the needs of children, all other stakeholders, and society as a whole.