ENQA Member Online Forum: Online Quality Assurance-ENQA Member Experience, April 21, 2021:

XVII Republican Meeting of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan and II Republican Meeting of KDM, November 6, 2020:

International Online Forum "Global in Regional: Kazakhstan in the Bologna Process and EU Projects", October 20-21, 2020:

International Forum on "Quality, Competencies and Learning Outcomes: Preparing for Generation Z Employment", September 28 - October 1, 2020:

Seminar on the outcomes of the Erasmus + "Promoting internationalization of research through establishment and operationalization of Cycle 3 Quality Assurance System in line with the European Integration (C3QA)" project in Kazakhstan, October 10, 2019:

International conference "Kazakhstan in the Bologna Process: Achievements and Prospects", November 25, 2016:

Republican Forum "Academic Integrity: Problems and Prospects. Best Practices", May 21, 2016:

Lecture at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education on the topic: "Accreditation: excursion into the history and international experience. Current state of the quality assurance of education in Kazakhstan", October 30, 2015:

Republican seminar and a round table on "Independent national accreditation of TVET organizations", December 14, 2012: