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National experts

The database of national academic experts is formed on the basis of recommendations from Kazakhstani universities, Expert Commissions of the Agency, and also on the basis of personal applications.

International experts

International experts are nominated: 1) by foreign accreditation agencies with which IQAA has signed memoranda on collaboration; 2) on the basis of direct requests to the rector's offices, faculties, departments of European universities; 3) through online search for competent experts; 4) based on personal requests from professors.

Representatives of employers

Employers are nominated by suggestions from various professional associations and employers' unions, such as the National Industrial Chamber, the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" and a range of business organizations.

Representatives of students

The selection of students as IQAA experts is conducted following recommendations from universities and the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan that provide the Agency with a list of the best and most active students.