Our agency is a nonprofit organization established to improve the quality of education and competitiveness of Kazakhstani educational institutions; to provide information to stakeholders in Kazakhstan and abroad regarding the excellence of particular educational organizations.
IQAA is included in the National Register of the authorized body (Order No. 304 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 27, 2012) and has certificate No. 001. According to Order No. 112 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 14, 2017, IQAA re-entered Register 1, extending its term by another five years.

In specific, accreditation is a process by which a governmental or non-governmental body evaluates the quality of an educational organization as a whole or a specific study program to formally recognize that it has met certain pre‐determined minimal criteria or standards. The result of this process is usually the awarding of a status (yes/no decision) of recognition, and sometimes of a license to operate within a time‐limited validity.

Thus, we officially recognize the quality of accredited educational institutions and study programs, and we want you to be confident in the choice of your educational organization. To do this, on our official website you can find a Register accredited by IQAA higher education institutions, TVET organizations, and study programs. In addition, you can also analyze external review reports on specific educational organizations and study programs. If you need some external review reports, which are not published on the website, you can send a request for a specific report and we will be happy to provide you this information if it is possible.

We also want to pay your attention to the fact that passing accreditation by educational organizations is not the final point in the process of quality assurance of this organization. After receiving the status on accreditation (accredited for 5 or 2 years), IQAA conducts post-accreditation monitoring, in the course of which the agency controls the process of implementing the recommendations on improvement of the activities carried out by these educational organizations.
Our agency strives to hold an open and active dialogue with stakeholders, especially students and their parents.
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Your trust and cooperation are very important to us!