Our agency continuously works to protect your rights to receive a quality education in higher and technical educational institutions of Kazakhstan. Students are a central part of the educational process in universities and colleges, so it is your opinion that plays an important role in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the content and organization of educational programs and the activities of educational organizations. It is very important for us that every student is aware of their rights to participate in the development of their educational institution, and also understands the importance of ensuring the quality of education.

студенты оценка качества

Students, as the main recipients of educational services, should participate in the external evaluation procedure of the educational organization and/or its program and perform the role of experts in areas that are directly related to the student: evaluating the material and technical base of the university or college, organizing the process of educational and extracurricular activities of students, student self-government processes and following the student-centered approach in education. The last point is the fundamental principle of the Bologna reforms in higher education, which implies a shift in the educational process from teaching (as the main role of the teaching staff in the "translation" of knowledge) to educating (as the active activity of the student in learning).

Thus, the participation of students in the accreditation procedures helps to protect the rights and interests of students, changes their student experience for a better, and also adds legitimacy to the conclusions of the expert group.

If you are a student and would like to participate in quality assurance procedures in education, or if you have any questions about accreditation procedures, please contact us and we will answer you. For more information on student participation in IQAA accreditation procedures, see the "Student Participation in Accreditation Processes" tab.

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