Programme (specialized) accreditation is an assessment of the quality of individual educational programmes implemented by an educational organization, designed to assess the level of compliance of the programme with the quality of the profession for which this programme prepares graduates. Accreditation of educational programmes consists of an official examination conducted by the accreditation agency in order to determine whether the training for these programmes meets the accepted standards and requirements.

The quality assurance system is evaluated in accordance with the IQAA quality standards by external experts who offer an objective view of the approaches and mechanisms for quality assurance and programme development. Accreditation is designed to play the role of a guarantor of the quality and reliability of the organization of education according to accredited educational programmes, to create trust on the part of applicants and their parents, and recognition by employers of the validity of the education received by graduates.

The standards for accreditation of higher education programmes are developed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (ESG) and the international practice on accreditation of higher education programmes.

The standards of accreditation of higher education programmes are based on generally recognized key concepts: the responsibility of higher education institutions for providing quality education, taking into account and protecting the interests of society, stakeholders and, first of all, students in obtaining quality educational services, compliance of higher education programmes with social and professional competencies, meeting the educational needs of individuals and society in obtaining a profession.

Standards of Programme (Specialized) Accreditation of Higher Education Organizations (2021)

The standards of specialized accreditation of postgraduate training of doctors in residency are developed in accordance with the Code "On the Health of the People and the Health System"; the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", "On Technical Regulation"; regulatory documents of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan; International standards of the World Federation of Medical Education for Improving the Quality of Postgraduate Medical Education, European standards and guidelines, taking into account the national and regional needs and priorities of the health system of Kazakhstan.

Postgraduate medical education-residency, is the base of medical training, during which doctors gain experience after completing basic medical training. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" (No. 319-3 of 27.07.2007, Article 22), the development of a professional training programme of residency is a prerequisite for admission to clinical practice of citizens who have received higher medical education in clinical specialties.

Standards of Programme(Specialized) Accreditation of Postgraduate Training of Doctors in Residency (2021)


Initial programme accreditation (ex-ante) of higher education institutions – a procedure for assessing the quality of an educational programme (licensed by the state for educational activities under the programme) without graduates and employers for compliance with the declared status and standards of the accreditation body.

The initial accreditation status of an educational programme is granted when the proposed or developed programme demonstrates its potential to meet the IQAA accreditation standards developed on the basis of the ESG.

Initial institutional accreditation provides for all procedures for conducting an external audit in accordance with the standards and criteria for institutional accreditation of the educational organization/educational programme, with the exception of interviews with graduates and employers, and the implementation of the recommendations of the expert group after obtaining the status of initial accreditation.

Accreditation is carried out annually before the first graduation of students. The decision on the initial accreditation of educational programs is made:

  1. Accredit for 1 (one) year with an annual check of the educational program before the first graduation of students;
  2. Don't accredit.