In the external assessment of the quality of educational institutions or their educational programs, the determining role belongs to the experts, who have extensive experience in professional fields and contribute to the work of the Agency. Experts are specialists with an academic degree who understand the essence of the phenomenon being evaluated. The expert evaluation mechanism focuses on internal quality indicators and is based on the principles of integrity of the self-managed academic community. In addition to local experts, each accreditation includes an international expert, who is called upon to provide an outside view and evaluate the educational organization or its program from an international perspective.

From the very beginning of its activity, IQAA has always involved students, employers, and international experts in all external audits, which allows all interested parties to participate in quality assurance procedures, as well as to learn from international experience.

IQAA focuses on training and systematically improving the skills of its external experts through training seminars, conferences, and the development of training materials.

The "Experts" tab is created specifically for external experts of the Agency, as well as potential persons wishing to become IQAA experts among national experts, international experts, representatives of employers, and students. The information and materials presented in this section serve as the basis for the effective work and self-development of external IQAA experts. Information for experts is constantly updated and improved in accordance with new trends in the field of quality assurance.